Video | Rapvengers 237 – Lifestyle is out now

Mic Maniac Music Batobesse Rapavengers 237

Mic Maniac Music presents Rapvengers 237 – Lifestyle

Mic Maniac Music presents the first song of the Rapvengers 237 project. First of all the new single titled Lifestyle, featured some of the best Hip Hop voices in cameroon. There is Melcube, Blueprint Hakeem, Flyhabit and MD Lyonga on the track.

These four MCs are a few of Cameroon’s potent lyricists. Similarly the most youth rappers it’s always a pleasure hearing them sparring on the same track.

From the lyrical gymnastics of Blueprint Hakeem (The Hulk), the lifestyle poetry of Flyhabit(Iron Man), the satire punchlines of MD Lyonga (Black Panther) to the impressive delivery from Melcube. All ingredients are united to give to the first project of the Rapvengers 237 a particular taste.

The new single is produced by MorningSta Lifestyle. Finally, it seems like this single has some of the best hip-hop verses to come out this year so far hence many rappers could said the same.

check out the new single below.

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